The Core Principles Behind Our Platform

Customer Experience Success – Customers demand a convenient, fast, rewarding interface that provides a seamless transition between instore and online experiences with their locker experiences.

Ecosystem – Creating an effective workflow that provides the best user experience while driving profitability, involves integration of systems and working with different vendors to create a fully integrated experience.

Reliability – Infrastructure designed to maximiseuptime, with built-in flexibility and software agility to drive your operational efficiency. 

Security – Your critical infrastructure and data is protected with systems designed based on ISO/IEC 12207 and SOC2 standards.

Sustainability – We have a long-term focus based on lasting relationships and responsible growth.



New Ways of Thinking. New Strategy. 


Last Mile: Deliver a personalized approach through last mile innovation while managing costs.

Agile Network Design: Create nimble omnichannel networks that scale and adapt to handle changes as they arise.

The Sharing Economy: Tap into existing resources to reduce waste, optimize costs, increase sustainability and overcome capacity crunch.

Inventory Visibility and Demand Planning: Achieve accurate inventory planning, positioning, replenishment and omnichannel order management.

Warehouse and Logistics: Upgrade your strategies and technology investments for more effective ROI and performance.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Marrying business goals with operational goals.





1. End-To-End Logistics Management

2. Open Carrier & Shared Infrastructure

3. In-store Pick & Pack with Mobile App

4. Optimized Order and Delivery Management App

5. Full Support for Click & Collect (BOPIS)

6. Agnostic Network of Intelligent Parcel Lockers

7. Data Protection: SOC2 Cyber Security

8. Physical Security: Brand Trust is Paramount

9. Frictionless Customer Experience

10. Technology Partnerships to Empower Business