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OMNION is your one source for all your locker technology and integration services. We offer custom hardware, electronics, software, and related services. We consult on your specific business problem to recommend the best solution among several of the world’s leading locker manufacturers including both standard and custom options. One size does not fit all.


We’re seeing a growing body of research into what experts call “last-mile” logistics for delivery of products in urban environments. The growing congestion of cities and the explosion in e-commerce home delivery have challenged traditional last-mile logistics strategies that have focused on point-of-sale delivery. We’re also your source for information and expertise to get the answers you need for setting up customer pickup (CPU) locations with automated lockers, last-mile logistics, ecommerce, asset management for operations, or any commercial parcel operations including concierge.

Comprehensive Services


    • Consulting for Business Case, Omnichannel Strategy Planning and Logistics Analysis
    • Custom Modular Design with electronics, access controls (barcode, RFID, touchscreen, and biometrics options) and different payments methods (currency and PCI compliant credit card processing) including optional CCTV security
    • Digital Software Development available with Mighty+ includes E-Commerce, Food Safety, Pick/Pack/Route/Delivery Management System
    • Simple Rest API's for easy integration with your internal systems
    • Complete Cloud Managed Solution for all management software controls, remote monitoring, energy efficiency and redundancy management, with embedded SOC2 cyber security.
    • Branding including all software and hardware design.
    • Full Installation Services include electrical, networking and communications with Store Call Centre Customer Care integration (optional).
    • Monthly life-cycle managed Support Services to ensure the full optimization of the locker usage with asset management and up-time service guarantee.
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